After Hours Building Emergencies


What is a building emergency?

A significant and unplanned event affecting the whole, or part of the common property. Some examples are:

  • Failure of an essential service to the building. For example, electricity, water or gas.
  • Lift(s) that are stuck, or not operating.
  • Garage roller doors,  jammed or unable to be opened.
  • A burst water pipe.
  • Serious damage or destruction resulting from wild or unexpected weather.
  • Significant flooding, both internal and external.
  • Damage impacting the security of the building.
  • Damage to  common property that may impact the health and safety of people in the vicinity of the damage, for example exposed live wiring or broken glass.

What is NOT considered a building emergency?

Minor repairs or maintenance to areas of the common property are not considered to be an emergency repair.

Repairs to items that are part of a private lot are not considered to be an emergency repair. The lot owner will need to make their own arrangements to have these items repaired at their cost.

If you are a tenant and you are renting a private lot, you will need to contact your real estate agent or landlord, who will be able to assist you.

Examples of repairs that are the responsibility of the lot owner are:

  • The repair or replacement of items that service a lot exclusively, for example a hot water system.
  • A toilet cistern that is not flushing or leaking.
  • Stove / Fridge Not Working.
  • Dishwasher /Washing Machine / Dryer  Not Working.

Who to call if there is a building emergency?

Call 1800 413 616

Calls received during business hours will be directed to the Strata Manager responsible for managing your building.

Calls received after normal hours will be transferred to our after hours emergency service.

Please be advised that your building’s owners corporation, will incur fees and charges as a result of an emergency work order being issued to a trades person.